Venues Set for Houston Concerts in September

It’s official!  With thanks to my colleague, Hsin-Jung Tsai, venues have been arranged for two concerts in Houston next September.

On Thursday, September 5, I will give a program of my new chamber works for overtone singing and standard instruments in Cullen Hall on the campus of the University of St. Thomas.  Joining me will be  Hsin-Jung Tsai on piano, Richard Nunemaker (Houston Symphony) on clarinet and bass clarinet, and Thomas Helton on bass.  It is an honor for me to share the stage with these outstanding musicians!

The following night, Friday September 6, Tsai and Helton will join me for an evening of musical improvisations at Houston Piano Company in the Heights.  Thomas’ new ensemble, the Core Trio, will also play a set as part of the concert.  Gonna be great!

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