Stuart Hinds


“Thank you for being a part of the NCACDA “Peace Event.”  It was wonderful to meet you – your overtone singing left me quite speechless.  Wow!  All of us at Conspirare had an amazing experience and are happy you were a participant.”
Conspirare – choir directed by Craig Hella Johnson

“Thank you so much for teaching us the overtone singing.  Your skill is amazing and we appreciate you sharing your gift!”
Northfield Youth Chorale

“Thank you so much for your music. You are definitely the ‘king of polyphonic overtones’. Your style has much impact on my own voice, music and development.”
Wolfgang Saus –

“Thank YOU for your wonderful presentation. It was great to have you here, and I enjoyed your performances and comments immensely, as I’m sure did the rest of the audience. Your command of the overtones is absolutely virtuosic, and your compositional language is evolving into an ever more fascinating collection of diverse styles.”
Deborah Kavasch, California State University – Stanislaus

“You’ve fleshed out many of the possibilities opened by David Hykes in his polyphonic work of the mid-1980s — possibilities which Hykes never pursued himself in a systematic way”
Theodore Levin, Dartmouth University

“My students were still buzzing this morning about your lecture-recital. Your music was a significant part of their experience of the Conference.”
John Ross, Sam Houston State University

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did during your recent visit to UTSA. Your performances, both for the 100 non-music majors enrolled in my Music Appreciation class and the approximately 150 music majors & faculty members who attended your guest recital, were stellar and were the topic of conversation often heard around our hallways over the past several days. Your abilities are truly unique and I am pleased that our students were exposed to the manner in which you have developed a performance method that causes us to rethink the limitations often imposed on the capabilities of the human voice. In addition to the recital and classroom performances, the workshop you led in the afternoon for interested students & faculty members was truly enlightening to all who attended. Though I can certainly not replicate your level of performance ability, I am now successfully producing overtones above the fundamental frequency produced by my vocal cords, after a single 45-minute workshop!! Your instructional ability and the manner in which you communicate to those who wish to learn provides yet another example of the capability you have as an educator. I trust that your supervisors at Texas Tech are well aware of the magnificent asset you provide, both as a performer and as an instructor.”
Scott Lipscomb, University of Texas at San Antonio

“Thanks so much for your presentation to our students here at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. To a person they have commented on how enlightening and interesting your topics were. Your discussion of harmonic singing has engendered a real sense of awareness among the students that was not present before. I want to thank you, too, for the high quality of your presentation with regard to its academic integrity. You were able to reinforce many concepts that I strive to teach in my classes, and I think that my students have a much better understanding of musical acoustics because of your visit. You’re certainly a good teacher, and I hope that you will be able to visit again soon.”
Ken Bales, University of Nebraska at Omaha