Stuart Hinds

Sound Clips

About Each Selection: 1. Overtone Series on G, ascending and descending
2. excerpt from Renaissance Man – polyphonic overtone singing: two-part music for solo voice
3. excerpt from Sky Blues – overtone singing and keyboard synthesizer
4. Chaconne – music for ensemble of three polyphonic overtone singers
5. Winter – for SATB chorus with overtone singing, performed by Mansfield University Concert Choir, Peggy Dettwiler, Director
6. excerpt from Of Sound and Mystery – This excerpt is the first movement of a four-movement piece. Listen for “chords” of two or more overtones.
7. Borbangnadyr (excerpt) – Borbangnadyr is a Tuvan throat singing technique with which a singer responds vocally to the sound of a moving stream. My composition does not employ the traditional technique but it retains the same connection and response to nature.
8. Learning to Breathe is my first attempt at writing an actual song (lyrics and music) with overtone singing. The words were inspired by the Lyrical Essays of Albert Camus. The guitar part is played by Jerry Serrano.
9. Throat Jamz is inspired by traditional throat singing, but this piece features some of the new techniques I have been working on in recent years: “chords” of multiple discreet overtones and overtones with text, in this case, scat-singing syllables. 
10. Only a Night is a song with a simple piano accompaniment that combines overtone singing with regular singing. The music is based on Raga Yaman, and evening rag, that complements the imagery in the lyrics.
11. This is a short excerpt from my piece Three Short Lyrics in which I bring out a discrete overtone on every vowel in the text. Because of the extreme limitations of this approach to composition, I chose a very austere poetic form influenced by Japanese lyrics.
12. Alas! is inspired by the lute songs of John Dowland. The bassoonist in this recording is Richard Meek.
13. Sonata armonico: movement 3 – Allegro, for voice and harpsichord
14. Badabi – a swingin’ Blues tune with 4-part polyphonic overtone singing