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I have completed a monumental three-volume work of compositions and instruction for overtone singing.

1. Making Music with Overtone Singing

2. An Overtone Experience/Eine Oberton Erfahrung

3. The Overtone Singing Virtuoso

The first two books feature a progressive sequence of learning objectives and provide exercises and compositions to reinforce each lesson.  The third book features advanced techniques and represents the highest expressive potential for overtone singing.

Group Singing with Overtones   * sequence of learning/instructional objectives for overtone singing * numerous musical activities and 20 compositions correlated with the objectives * learning overtone singing for the…

The Overtone Singing Virtuoso $9.95 (recordings sold separately) 12 pieces for polyphonic overtone singing with commentary and instruction • advanced level skills and techniques • substantial commentary, analysis, and instruction…

Making Music with Overtone Singing $9.95 (recordings sold separately) 14 pieces for overtone singing with steady fundamental pitch * lessons for beginners on how to bring out overtones and practice…

Composing Music for Overtone Singing $19.95 The complete guide: 1. Harmonics 2. General Considerations 3. Music Notation 4. Pitch Limitations 5. Contrapuntal Music for Solo Voice 6. Overtone Singing with…


album: Songbook All songs composed and performed by Stuart Hinds, with Jerry Serrano – guitar on “Learning to Breathe” and Isaac Rivera – percussion on “Midnight Blue” and “Last Call”…

The Overtone Singing Virtuoso – companion recordings for the book:  Renaissance Man * Variations * Fantasy * The Blues * Back to Notre Dame * Eire Aire * Melismadness *…

Making Music with Overtone Singing – companion recordings for the book: Bugle Boy * Ka-lim-ba * Sentimental 60’s * 3-Note Blue * Angelina * Throat Jam * Ting Sha *…

Renaissance Man * Midnight * Yokyoku * The Blues * Tuvan Groovin’ * Fantasy * Ballad * Harmonic Overtures * Variations * Goodbye Ravi

Morning Song * Harmonic Raga * Distances * Sky Blues * Borbangnadyr * Petra * On a Clear Night * A Fearful Vision * Dorian Fields


Awakening, Autumn Moon, and Winter are published by Hofmeister Musikverlag:




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