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Overtone Minute Playlist

I have created a playlist of my Overtone Minute videos on Youtube so you can easily find them all in one place:

Overtone Minute

Check out my new Overtone Minute videos!  A new video is posted each week, each less than one minute long, on overtone singing topics.  Educational

Are You Missing Out?

I’ve been posting a lot of short videos on social media – both educational and entertaining.  Check them out: YouTube – TheStuartHinds Instagram – @overtonestuart


Check out the new review of my book GROUP SINGING WITH OVERTONES in the International Choral Bulletin:


If you are not following me on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, you are missing out on some good stuff.  I am posting at least one

Check Out my #shorts on Youtube

I will be posting a new video about every week; all <1 minute long.  Several there already.  See them on my channel: TheStuartHinds.  Follow me

Group Singing with Overtones

Just learned that the International Federation of Choral Musicians has engaged an author to write a review of my book GROUP SINGING WITH OVERTONES for