Antiqua Nova at the Museum

Antiqua Nova is a unique program of early and modern chamber music by Stuart Hinds and friends.  This special concert took place on Friday, October 6th in the auditorium of the Museum of Texas Tech University.

The music was performed on period instruments with the voice parts arranged for polyphonic overtone singing.  Keyboardist Ruth Holmes performed on a digital harpsichord and forte-piano, and Richard Meek joined on bassoon, baroque bassoon, dulcian, and recorder.

Hinds – Cantus in Flore
Hinds – Dance (from An Overtone Experience)
Lasso – Bon jour, mon coeur
Hinds – Motet sans mots
Dowland – Flow My Tears
Hinds – Alas! for voice and bassoon – composed for Richard Meek
Marcello – Sonata for bassoon and harpsichord
Hinds – Melismadness
Gluck – Che farò senza Euridice
Galuppi – Variations for harpsichord
Hinds – Sonata armonico for voice and harpsichord – composed for Ruth Holmes
Hinds – Romanesca 

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