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I will be posting a new video about every week; all <1 minute long.  Several there already.  See them on my channel: TheStuartHinds.  Follow me

Group Singing with Overtones

Just learned that the International Federation of Choral Musicians has engaged an author to write a review of my book GROUP SINGING WITH OVERTONES for

Getting Started with Overtone Singing

Check out my new instructional video – Getting Started with Overtone Singing presents a very easy way to bring out the overtones in your voice

Spektrum still going strong

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us who love choral and group singing.  But I am happy that overtone choir SPEKTRUM has

Calling all overtone-singing guitarists

I invite any overtone singer who accompanies himself with guitar to contact me for sharing music to sing and play.  Looking forward to hearing from