Choral Works Published! – Beauty

Check out BEAUTY at Creative Spirit:


Choral Works Published! – Pacem

Check out PACEM at Creative Spirit:


Choral Works Published! – Meeresstille

I have three new choral pieces published by Creative Spirit:



Getting Started with Overtone Singing

Check out my new instructional video – Getting Started with Overtone Singing presents a very easy way to bring out the overtones in your voice

Spektrum still going strong

The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us who love choral and group singing.  But I am happy that overtone choir SPEKTRUM has managed to keep going through it all.  My congrats to director Jan Stanek and all my friends in Spektrum.  Love you guys!!!

Calling all overtone-singing guitarists

I invite any overtone singer who accompanies himself with guitar to contact me for sharing music to sing and play.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Singing with NJYC

Had a great time teaching overtone singing to the members of New Jersey Youth Chorus, directed by Trish Joyce.  By the end, the kids were matching overtone pitch and beginning to sing simple overtone melodies.  Hope to hear that they will be using overtone singing in performance sometime soon.

I bought a guitar!

I got tired of having to borrow a guitar just to check a few fingerings, so I bought an inexpensive guitar just for that purpose.  Who knew I would be playing it so much!  No doubt you will see new music for overtone singing with guitar soon.

New Sound Clip

I have posted a new sample on my sound clips page:

Sonata armonico – Movement 3: Allegro

for overtone singing and harpsichord


Sound Clips

Sound Clips page new and improved

Please check out my new and improved sound clips page – 14 free samples and more to come

Sound Clips