Overtone Singing as a Choral Art

This just in:  Dr. Peggy Dettwiler and I will give a presentation: ‘Overtone Singing as a Choral Art’ at the American Choral Directors Association Eastern Division Conference on February 5-8, 2014 in Baltimore.  This is fantastic news!  We have an opportunity to share our passion for overtone singing and its uses in choral music  with many choral directors and singers at this conference.

Peggy and I will be giving a similar presentation for an international audience at the World Choral Symposium in Seoul, Korea in August 2014.  Both these organizations, ACDA and ICMF, are very prestigious, and we hope to add many more directors to the number of those who employ overtone singing with their choirs.

Dr. Peggy Dettwiler is the Director of Choral Music at Mansfield University (PA).  She has conducted works with overtone singing on many occasions, including works of mine, and I am honored to team up with her for these presentations.


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