New Sound Clip

I have posted a new sample on my sound clips page:

Sonata armonico – Movement 3: Allegro

for overtone singing and harpsichord


Sound Clips

Sound Clips page new and improved

Please check out my new and improved sound clips page – 14 free samples and more to come

Sound Clips

Cowboy Cantata

Check it out!

Covid Update

I am still working.  Keep singing, and let me know if I can help.

SONGBOOK album now available

My new EP album SONGBOOK, is now available in my website store.  I want everyone to hear it, so I am offering it at a reduced price for a limited time.

SONGBOOK features an eclectic mix of musical styles, from art song to jazz ballad, all featuring my amazing polyphonic overtone singing.  In two of the songs, I actually bring out discrete overtones on vowels in the lyrics.

I am joined by Jerry Serrano on guitar and Isaac Rivera on percussion.

  1. Only a Night
  2. Learning to Breathe
  3. Midnight Blue
  4. After Dark
  5. Last Call 


New video on Youtube – Midnight Blue

Group Singing with Overtones

One of my preferred publishers has expressed substantial interest in my new book “Group Singing with Overtones” and I have offered it to them for publication.  This will take some time, so I am making the book available to teachers and directors now (pdf only) so you can begin using the many lessons and activities provided.

Group Singing with Overtones  
* sequence of learning/instructional objectives for overtone singing
* numerous musical activities and 20 compositions correlated with the objectives
* learning overtone singing for the purpose of making music
* includes a first lesson on bringing out vocal overtones for beginners
* useful for small amateur groups or standard choirs

Find it in my store:

Check out new videos

Check out these new pieces on youtube:

The Feeling Grows – 3-part polyphonic overtone singing

Dynacolor Jam – improvisation

A New Solo Album!


All pieces composed and performed by Stuart Hinds
with Jerry Serrano – guitar, and Isaac Rivera – percussion

  1. Only a Night
  2.  Learning to Breathe
  3.  Midnight Blue
  4.  After Dark
  5.  Last Call

Free samples on my sound clips page; buy it for a song in my website store.  Thanks!

Be on the Lookout!

My new book Group Singing with Overtones will be finished very soon.  While I look for a publisher, I will make the book available on my website so everyone can get started right away. 

This book is about overtone singing as MUSIC, and it includes learning objectives for overtone singing in a group and provides fun activities, exercises, and compositions to address the objectives.  Hoping many are encouraged to start an on-going overtone singing group in their home towns.